Winter 2017 Wrap…almost


Winter 2017 Wrap…almost

By Michelle Sadler

On Saturday night the EBC community came together for the U17’s, senior men’s, and women’s Presentation Night, at least one week ahead of the season’s wrap. Our new Winter Head Coach, Sam Boone was heading off overseas the following day for a six-week-long work trip, (he’s a Geologist in his spare time). With our President Tony Cornish also away on holidays, Presentation was held the day the home and way season finished for some grades, and finals began for others.

The evening began with Bill Leropoulos the U17’s coach thanking Sam Boone and our A Reserve coach Marty Coster for integrating the U17’s training program with the Seniors training, including Friday night hitting. Jack Porter got a special mention for throwing on Fridays. He also acknowledged Andrew and Aiden Sadler’s help with the combined U17’s team, early in the season. There was a MVP special mention for Will Blair who missed several games because the talented athlete went to England to play cricket, as well as to Cooper Carrison who contributed immensely.

President Tony Cornish, while absent Saturday night, sent through a recorded message that was played to the room. He announced that next winter there will be a dedicated winter committee to manage our growing operations in winter. This announcement was met with applause. Our hard working committee needs support in winter so they too can get a break. Stay tuned for invitations to nominate members – more information to follow.

This winter EBC fielded four men’s teams, one women’s team, and two U17’s teams. It’s been a particularly cold and wet winter and last Saturday was no different. Sam Borg had the foresight to provide an open fire and hay bales for the courtyard outside the rooms for presentation night. Unfortunately earlier in the day the U17’s Division 1 final was a washout, which ended their finals campaign before it begun. The Division 2 Combined U17’s Team managed a great win despite the weather so they are in the preliminary final this coming Saturday.

The women also had a great season finishing second on Saturday and begin their finals campaign this coming weekend against Berwick.

Division 1 A Grade seniors finished with their first win on Saturday, defeating Doncaster 13-8. Division 1 A Reserve seniors lost their quarterfinal Saturday against GMBC 0-9, in a manner not representative of their abilities. This didn’t stop the positive talk though. Two years ago our A Reserve team didn’t win a game and last season they won just two games. Reaching finals this year was a great achievement and proves that there is lots to look forward to next season.

Marty followed up Bill’s address by thanking Sam Boone for always having the development of the younger playing group at the forefront of decisions and training. He then thanked Kay Ferguson, Leanne Wilson, Devon Wise, Michelle Sadler (yep that’s me), and Rick Sexton for their work during the season. Kerry Kline was also thanked for her continued management of the uniforms throughout the year. He spoke at length about his team’s award winners and then thanked Doyle Dertell for playing down in D Reserve. By doing so, Doyle not only enjoyed playing in the same team as his son but also contributed greatly to the development of the younger players, who were playing seniors for the first time. The Dertell’s were not alone as father/son teamsters. Jackie Garvin was acknowledged for scoring and Andrew Garvin for stepping up to coach when needed. Justin Reid and Warren Brewster were thanked for umpiring.

Justine Reid the D Grade coach explained that his line up was like a revolving door while announcing his team’s award winners. Stephen Wolf was a worthy winner of the batting award having seven hits for his last nine at bats.

Maddie Davis and Sophia Stensholt announced the awards for the women’s team next, stating that the MVP was as close as it could get with five players within two votes of each other. The worthy recipient was Brighde McGrath who was a unanimous choice due to her versatility and willingness to play in many positions.

Sam Boone spoke last thanking Tony and the committee for the great opportunity to coach EBC winter. He thanked Kay and Leanne for their impeccable scoring and to the ‘legend’ Marty Coster. He thanked Michelle Sadler Landscape Services for providing some casual work to our import Tom Brice, and to Ryan Camov for his support and nods of approval to his unuttered questions. He explained it had been a tough year, particularly for A Grade, but reminded the room that each play has its place in the grand scheme of baseball and life. He spoke about baseball being a game of failure, somewhere in the vicinity of 65-70% and that successful people persevere – and that’s what baseball teaches – perseverance. He stated that how you respond to loss and disappointment is the key to life. In presenting his awards he asked ‘Who is the better Wilson?’ which drew laughter from the crowd.

Lastly Kay Ferguson, EBC’s Junior Coordinator and scoring champion, was awarded Club Person of the Season for winter 2017. Congratulations Kay!