NEW Registration & Fee’s Process for 2017-18

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Please be advised that the registration and fee payments process has changed for this season, 2017/18.

We, as a committee, are extremely unhappy with the change of system which we have conveyed. Regardless, we have no choice but to do as they  have decreed.

This is a result of both the ABF mandating that we must use a “new registration and payment system” to process registrations and payments.

Previously we, the club, were able to handle this whole process for players by making the payments thru the back end of the previous program. That way you just paid the club and the club then paid the ABF/BV.

Now every player (this also covers the likes of all volunteers) MUST complete the whole process themselves.

This involves making 2 separate payments, one to the ABF/BV thru their portal for their part of the registration, fee’s and insurance, the other is the club component that needs to be paid via the EBC options.

ALL PLAYERS MUST complete the ABF/BV registration and payment PRIOR to being eligible to play in their 1st game. NO EXCEPTIONS. A player is also not covered for an injury during any training session until completed.

PLEASE NOTE : There has been no increase of fees this season. (see full list of totals at the bottom next page). It is just the payment options that have changed into 2 separate components.