EBC – ABF Club of the Year 2015

I am extraordinarily pleased to advise all EBC members, past and present , that the Club was named as the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) Club of the Year for 2015.

This occurred at the ABF Diamond Awards that was held in Sydney on the 28th of Feb.

President Tony Cornish was on hand to accept the award. Tony along with Elizabeth and Adrian Cully made the trip.

The awards were broadcast live via Youtube, (Unfortunately we were unaware so we could not inform members).

Thankfully the ABF has made a copy of the video that remains on youtube.

You can skip thru to the approx 44 min mark and view the award announcement and the acceptance by Tony on the clubs behalf.

If for any reason you have a problem viewing the embeded video below, you can click this line to go to the youtube page and view it via that.




ABF Club of the Year Awards 2015